First Report of Pharyngostomy Wound Myiasis Caused by Chrysomya bezziana (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in Iran


Wound or traumatic Myiasis is the infestation of animal and human orifices or wounds by dipterous larvae. It is more common in tropical and sub-tropical countries.Chrysomya bezziana is a major agent of wound myiasis throughout the tropical regions of the Old World. In Iran many cases of human myiasis due to C. bezziana were reported from south and south-east of country.This study reports a case of wound myiasis in a 3-year-old pharyngostomized girl who referred to the Pediatric Hospital in Bandar Abbas for pharyngological follow-up. During the examination, several live and mobile larvae were removed from the lesion. The patient received antibiotics and then transferred to pediatric ward for respiratory care. The specimens were identified as C. bezziana according to the morphological characters of fully grown larvae. This is the first report of the pharyngostomy wound myiasis caused by C. bezziana in Iran.This finding also confirms the results of previous studies indicating the occurrence of the Old World screwworm fly,C. bezziana as a causative agent of human myiasis in the south of Iran.

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